OmniWeb Suggestions - Updated 01/23/04

I like Command+Up to go to the top of the page, I assign this to the button above my scroll wheel, in OmniWeb 4.5 this goes to Previous Anchor. I think it would be better served to use this shortcut to Go To Top of Page. (or allow me to change the keyboard shortcuts). I think you should take a que from Safari and make the block popups preference a checkable option in the OmniWeb menu. This makes it great to turn it off for that one or two annoying times I need it off. I think Command+O should be Open File, it is Command+Shift+O right now. I use the Open File command a lot more often then I use the Open Location command. I think there should be a setting to set the text to 100%, or original size, whichever sounds better. They mean the same thing. I would like an option in the bookmarks preferences to be able to keep the bookmarks drawer open after I double click on one of those links.

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