OOOH! The Nintendo DS

It's the same ol' Nintendo. Recently, Nintendo stated they would be bringing out a "revolutionary product" that would be "unlike anything else on the market." They also claimed it would not be a "game system." Liars. Now, within a day of the announcement, thousands of people screamed "Virtual Boy." Now, regardless of your thoughts on Nintendo's one major gaming console flub (one which I personally still find enjoyable), at least the VB had some positive press before it was unveiled. This "DS" thingy has had none. In an interview exclusive to IGN (which I can't find now), one of Nintendo's higher up's said the screens will be vertical in alignment. Huh? If the screens were side-by-side, I can almost see them being used for more than just gimmick games. Anyone who's gotten their hands on an N-Gage will tell you that while the screen pumps out a gorgeous picture, it's vertical alignment is a mess. Think about classic arcade games like X-Men or Ninja Warriors that used multiple screens, all together horizontally. They could even be used for a "widescreen" style effect. Think about a football game where you could actually see your wide receievers before the play starts! Nope, instead we'll be able to "zoom in on a specific player." Wow. Of course, with 2 processors (one for each screen!) and 2 large screens, how portable can this thing possibly be? Even with a rechargeable battery like the current GBA, I can't imagine something like this lasting more than a hour or two. In an even dumber move, the console won't be backwards compatible with any of Nintendo's other software. It will be completely on it's own. Almost everyone knows the Game Boy has been continually succesful mostly because of it's compatibility with previous editions. Note that this is NOT a replacement for the current Game Boy or the Gamecube, but a 3rd system tossed into the mix when we don't need one. Yes, I will most likely buy one when it's finally released at the end of the year (and that's if they stick to their release date which is a rare occurence). I'm a gamer, it's what I do. Does that mean that I have to be estatic about it? Not at all. I'm really not even that eager to see this thing when it's announced at E3. This one has gimmick written all over it.


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PCs rule:

everything you said is wrong. here is the truth copied straight off of nintendo's website.

With Nintendo DS, dual screens and touch-screen technology allow you to interact with games like never before. Wireless communication allows you to experience real-time multiplayer gameplay, while built-in PictoChat software gives you the power to draw, write and send messages wirelessly. Nintendo DS revolutionizes the way games are played.
Dual Screens

Two LCD screens offer one of the most groundbreaking gameplay advances ever developed.
Imagine the possibilities. In a racing game, you might see your own vehicle's perspective on one screen and an overall track view on the other. Soon, games could be created allowing you to play games on one screen while sending text messages on the other.
Each 3-inch screen can reproduce a true 3D view, with impressive 3D renderings that can surpass images displayed on the Nintendo 64.
Touch Screen Technology

The lower screen offers something never before provided by any dedicated game device: touch-screen capabilities.
You no longer have to rely on just buttons to move your character or shift perspectives. Navigate menus or access inventory items simply by touching the screen with a stylus or fingertip. The possibilities are limited only by developers' imaginations.
The touch screen features a tougher film cover for durability, and the included stylus is stored in the back of the unit.
Microphone Port

A built-in microphone port means that with Nintendo DS, you only need to tell your games what to do.
Developers could create games which identify everything from voice commands to hand-clapping. Imagine moving your characters simply by telling them which way to go! Communication-based games could use the microphone and you can chat with others over a local network, or even the Internet in the future.
The Nintendo DS microphone gives you even more ways to interact with your favorite games.
Wireless Network

You can connect with a local wireless network of up to 16 players.The wireless range can be an incredible 30 to 100 feet and for some games, multiplayer requires just one Nintendo DS game card.
Future games may take advantage of the DS Wireless LAN connection for more multiplayer possibilities.
Wireless Network

You can connect with a local wireless network of up to 16 players.The wireless range can be an incredible 30 to 100 feet and for some games, multiplayer requires just one Nintendo DS game card.
Future games may take advantage of the DS Wireless LAN connection for more multiplayer possibilities.
Backward Compatibility

Nintendo DS features a separate media port for Game Boy Advance cartridges. Nintendo DS allows you to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in a single-player mode.
Nintendo DS Technical Specifications
Size (closed): 5.85" wide / 3.33" long / 1.13" tall
Upper Screen: Backlit, 3-inch, semitransparent reflective TFT color LCD with 256x192 pixel resolution and .24 mm dot pitch
Touch Screen: Same as upper screen, but with transparant analog touch screen
Color: Capable of displaying 44,000,000 colors
Wireless Communication: IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo's proprietary format; wireless range is 30 to 100 feet, depending on circumstances; multiple users can play multiplayer games using just one DS game card
Controls: Touch screen, embedded microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y face buttons, plus control pad, L/R shoulder buttons, Start and Select buttons
Input/Output: Ports for both Nintendo DS game cards and Game Boy Advance Game Paks, terminals for stereo headphones and microphone
Other Features: Embedded PictoChat software that allows up to 16 users to chat at once; embedded real-time clock; date, time and alarm; touch-screen calibration
CPUs: One ARM9 and one ARM7
Sound: Stereo speakers providing virtual surround sound, depending on the software
Battery: Lithium ion battery delivering six to 10 hours of play on a four-hour charge, depending on use; power-saving sleep mode; AC adapter
Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Color: Silver and black

oh and by the way macs and ngages suck

Yep, I sure was. Horribly, horribly wrong. But, then you decided to bash the Mac and the N-Gage and likely with as much clue as I had when I wrote this back in January. Now who's wrong?


I recently got the ds and it is very portable, the unique design also protects the screens. think how hard it will be to carry around a psp which has a larger screen and is much longer. the screen will scratch easily when in a pocket. go ds

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