Photoshop CS Adds Banknote Image Detection, Blocking?

I just saw this on The Screen Savers tonight, and they tried to scan a new and old 20, and Photoshop CS will not do it, giving you a dialog explaining that you cannot scan money. This is a total crock if you ask me! You should be able to scan anything, even money. PS is an image manipulation program, you should be able to scan money. I assume a way around this is to use the scanning software outside of PS, but still that is a pain. And what are they going to block next? From from the forgeries-be-darned dept. Phosphor writes "A visitor to the Adobe Photoshop-for-Windows Forum (registration required to post, can log in as guest) has described a curious 'feature' with Photoshop 8 (also known as 'CS'). Seems this latest version of Adobe's flagship product has the built-in ability to detect that an image is of American currency. Something has been built into Photoshop's core coding that can detect something in images of currency and will prevent the user from opening the file. Apparently it will also do this with Euro notes; info on other currency is pending." According to other online reports, the latest version of Paint Shop Pro has similar restrictions, also known about since late last year.

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I've been trying to get this to work here. I don't use a scanner, but take pictures. I have tried a $5 and an 2nd gen $20, not the newest, but the redesigned one... Sheesh, how many times are they going to change that bill!

Anyway, I have been able to load the image just fine both in the original form and after cropping the image and saving as a TIFF.

I'm guessing that if you try to use the aquire tool in PSCS it will fail, but any other form will be able to read the image just fine.

I'm guessing that the check is in the transfer from the scanner to PSCS.

It's still pretty crazy.

I would guess that the next thing that will be blocked is drivers licenses, credit cards, photos of the White House, Pentagon, any skyscrapper, airplane, border crossing point, airport check point... I could go on all night... :)

Dave, you make my point so well :-P .


One little oddity: I was able to open a scan of a twenty and edit it in ImageReady CS which comes with Photoshop. Not the same tools, of course but still a rather inconsistant application of their "ethics". Hopefully, Thorsten Lemke won't mess up Graphic Converter this way.


using scanning software outside of cs does not work either as photoshop checks the images when they are imported too

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