Square-Enix Media Blitz

Note to the fine folks at Square-Enix: Stop. I figured it was just the Christmas holiday season, but it still continues. I cannont fathom why you are still spending the money. It's illogical, it's annoying, and for the record I will never buy another one of your games....ever. That's right, your TV and print ads have officially driven me to the brink of sheer insnanity and now have had the opposite effect. I must either watch every show in your target demographic or you are simply trying to mesmerize every 10 year old into your tired Final Fantasy series. Whenever I hear the words "I Know, I know," I immediately change the station. The rest of the words are unitelligable and the song is borderline infuriating at this point. During the Chritmas season, I was bombarded by ads for True Crime, Tony Hawk Underground, Max Payne, and your junk. I accepted it and nearly lived with it. It has now been a month and I still see the same stupid ad filled with misleading CG cinemas 10 times a day (and that's NOT an exaggeration). The other ads have stopped. Yours have not. If this wasn't bad enough, your 4 page ads clog up my magazines and in the worst cases, even take over the cover. I'm not sure if you think that their is at least one person out there who may have escaped your evil grasp, but anyone who wanted your game in the first place has it. Magazines are done covering it and moving on to the next chapter, so why are you still blasting me? I fully understand the rough market out there, filled with hundereds of games vying for consumer dollars. However, your game is Final Fantasy, a series that has been around for 15+ years. Anyone who knows about your RPG's knows there's a new game in the series. Mainstream America has never embraced RPG's and likely never will. Final Fantasy 7, arguably the most overly popular game in the entire series, sold billions of copies on about 3 advertisements total. So Square-Enix, if you can see my point (and I think it's pretty obvious), your not going to sell anymore copies by bombarding the airwaves and discgracing my otherwise fine magazine covers. I can never again look at Yuna like I once did as her image now completely disgusts me. Her voice is nausitating, the song irratating, and that 30 second clip of an already horrific pop song is now simply too much to bear. I used to respect you, but I am no officially disowning you for not only this generation, but all of them to follow as well. Of course, a second sequel to Chrono Trigger may change my mind....

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