Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is the best use of the Star Wars license yet, and is my vote for Game of the Year (GONY). I picked Morrowind to get GOTY honors, and it did, so we will see if KOTOR gets the same treatment.
I see that KOTOR 2 is already in the works, and I will be one of the first to get that when it comes out. I waited for the PC version of KOTOR because I do not have an XBOX at the moment, and the pay off is great. The HUD for the PC version is a lot cleaner, it is great to play at 1600x1200, and there are a couple extras that the XBOX version doesn't even have. KOTOR is better then Episode 1 and Episode 2 combined. They really hit a home run with this one, and who better then BioWare Corp. to do it, they make very good games. So far I am on Kashyyyk. You start on this Sith controlled planet, and then can go to a number of different planets. Before you go anywhere you go through Jedi training, which is fun, since you then get to use a Light Saber. One of the best features of the game is the choices you have to make. Your choices have repercussions down the road too. The choices I am talking about are wether you are a Light or a Dark Jedi. Every mission or side mission on the game turns into a choice too! If you do something good, you will get a Light Jedi point, do something evil and you get a Dark Jedi point. If you chose the neutral path (which is not always available) you do not get any Jedi points. I am playing as a Light Jedi, but as soon as I have completed the game I will play as a Dark Jedi, as there is a different ending, and the game will be completely different. I can't wait to see the Dark Jedi Force Powers! There are some places in the story where you need to be a little dark, you cannot be miss goodie-two-shoes all the time. There are places where it is better to be good, and places where it is more advantageous to be bad. You get different dialog if you play as a female character, and depending on what party members are with you at the time, you may or may not trigger different events or dialog. This game use triggers very well, and presents a new plateau to reach for. HK-47, the combat droid you get on Tatooine, is the funniest of your party. He has that sort of odd humor that C3P0 has. But every person in your party has a story and every one has something they are trying to achieve during the game. This is one great RPG, and the most fun I have had playing one since Morrowind (which I am still playing thanks to 2 great expansions). With morality playing a major part in this very engrossing story line, and a very engaging battle system, it will take a lot to top KOTOR. I love it even more as I am a huge Star Wars fan. Just go buy KOTOR, you will not be disappointed.


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I have just bought this game and i love it. but i was wondering is there any way to level up quicker?

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