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Webshots is a great service, and has worked on the Mac for a while thanks to a great app called SwapTop. SwapTop is not a 1st party app though. It does work very well however. Webshots has finally come out with a Mac version of Webshots Desktop. It is in beta, but it is nice to see a Mac version out for the public. After installing the beta I am asked if I want to delete SwapTop. I guess I have to do that to smoothly try out this beta. My dad says this beta crashes on him. I will wait to pass judgement. It is nice to have thumbnail views within the app (something that SwapTop does not have). Well that didn't take long. Webshots crashes System Preferences when you select Webshots Slideshow in the Screen Saver prefs. It crashes it every time. I had no problems with SwapTop's slideshow screen saver. The Webshots beta does not come with release notes (such as known issues) nor does it have any kind of uninstaller. I am not impressed. It is back to SwapTop for me. Webshots is a desktop picture subscription service that was available for Windows for a while until SwapTop for OS 9 came out. Thw Windows version of Webshots Desktop is much more advanced still, allowing you to add a calendar to the desktop as well. You can download 800x600 rez images for free, but need a membership to get 1600x1200 versions. You can even upload your own desktop images to share with others. Although I think their image restrictions are a little tight (no logos or company brands). the Webshots Desktop app also allows you to organize your non webshots images, as well as use them in a screen saver, etc. I got a membership because my dad used it for a while, and they are really nice desktop images. Be sure to read the comments on this post over at BlogCritics.

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