30 Free ZLauncher Skins

Some time ago on the Brighthand forums someone posted a link to some great free ZLauncher skins. The skins are no longer online, but I have them for you: ZLauncher Skins (3 MB zip) The best part are they are all Tungsten T3 (320x480) compatible. If you are a Bringhthand member, you might have noticed I posted these already, but forgot to post them here on my blog.

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Walt Pitman:

I trying to download the 30 Free ZLauncher Skins but can't get it to work. Would you please email them to me -- another avid Mac user!

The link to download them is now fixed. Sorry about that, it was my own stupidity - I accidently deleted those files off of the server. But that is what backups are for!


Thanx man... Ive been looking for these. Good save.


any way to view the 30 skins before putting them on the palm?

I don't have any screen shots, so no, i don't think so. If you are worried about them taking up space on your Palm, its very easy to delete the ones you do not like within the app.

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