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At the beginning of the month I was ranting (go figure) about Bloglet. I emailed the Bloglet admin concerning that I brought up in that post from February 3. I never got a response. Surprised? Since I am using a better formed RSS 2.0 file, thanks to Neil, my RSS feed breaks Bloglet. Instead of taking the suggestions of incorporating standards, Bloglet still has its quarks. Since I have not touched my RDF file in a while, I figure that Bloglet will like a malformed old XML standard, and guess what? It does! I'd love to setup Dada, but thats not gonna happen. And since I actually picked up some new subscriptions (thanks!) I am back to using Bloglet. Happy happy, joy joy! Oh, and yes, I have added full entries in the RDF feed.

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I had more subscribers with Bloglet, too, but I found out why -- it's because Bloglet makes it a bit more of a pain to leave a list, and because I didn't really even know that some of my e-mail sent via bloglet wasn't getting through properly because the bounces got sent to bloglet, not me.

But if anybody's reading this and wants to use Dada with MovableType and know what the hell Ken is talking about (since he never bothers to link to me properly so I don't ever get TrackBack pings from him ;) ), click on over here or sign up for my list here.

</cheap plug>

LOL. You know I trackback to your stuff a lot. I will add your Dada post to the main post.

Actually, you don't ping me that usually link to my front page vs. the link I actually posted, meaning I never get the ping :)

Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa. Well I added the actual article this time :-P.

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