BBEdit 7.1

I have been a very long time BBEdit user. I have used it since about version 2.0. I have been doing OK, but not great without BBEdit 7 (or 6 for that matter). The last version I bought was 5. I have been using DW and/or SimpleText (yes it still lives, in the Developer Tools install) up untill now. I have had it tho! I broke down and got the upgreade to BBEdit 7.1. Now I work so much faster, I do not have to go to DW when I just want to edit code. The new Preview in BBEdit has got to be the best new feature! It automatically updates when the code is changed. This is the reason I own a wide screen laptop! The feature requires Safari, so I assume it uses WebKit to do the rendering in BBEdit. I chose electronic download, and was not given an option to buy a printed manual. I wonder if you get one if you were to choose the boxed version? I really liked the BBEdit 5 manual, why is it that no one sells manuals with their products anymore? Is it just me that likes to have a reference around to look at when I need info on x feature? I know I should have upgraded BBEdit long ago, it was just one of those things that I "got by" with just using DW for coding. Once again I am glad to have BBEdit. It is such an indispensable app. (This was written weeks ago, and has been in my "for blog" folder just waiting for the right time (read: any time at all) to post.


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