Bleeping Telemarketers

This is the second time in 3 months I have received a telemarketing call on my phone, my cell phone. I just now got one trying to sell me an HGH product. I can't remember what the last one was about. I have received telemarketing calls on my cell, but those have been solicited, and expected. The two I am referring to were very non solicited calls. It should be against the law for telemarketers to call a cell phone. It still is not. Although some places are stricter then others. The one call I got the lady hung up right away when I said this was a cell, the other was a stupid drone that didn't seem to care. So do I put my cell phone on the "Do Not Call" list? I guess so. One of the main reasons I got a cell phone and got rid of the land line was to get away from telemarketers. Of course the current rate is better then 2-3 a week. But still, I have to pay for those bastards calls. OK, I have calmed down, and changed the title of this post :-P.

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You have to pay for calls to your cellphone? I only pay for the calls I make, receiving them is free. I think that's the case on all networks here.

IANAL, but I believe the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act of 1991 outlaws telemarketing calls to mobile phones. Smaller mom-and-pop companies may not be aware of this, however, or have the resources to yank mobile phone numbers from their databases.


I got one just the other day, explained nicely that I was on the national Do Not Call list. When I pointed out their error most pointedly, they hung up real fast.

Now if I was of a mind, I could check my caller ID and report them to the FCC. :=D

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