Can iTunes learn from Musicmatch?

Like my co-worker, Jason Snell, I love iTunes. I can't imagine organizing or playing my music on anything else. It's so easy to import, find and play songs, and then skip on over to the iTunes Music Store to buy an album or two. An easy to ease feature-rich application, but as Jason points out, iTunes is far from perfect. While I'm sure most Mac users have tried or use iTunes on a regular basis, I'd be interested to know if those same users listen to iTunes Radio. This is one feature that I don't think I've used since iTunes 1.0 -- to be honest it's terrible. I really had nothing to compare the radio service to until recently when I tried Musicmatch's Windows music service. Source: MacWorld Blog


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I use the radio function in iTunes quite often, and I think it's great--I don't have any complaints really. Probably could use some more stations, but I suppose that's up to their tuning service. It's free, and I get to listen to stations from all over, or I can open a URL for a station not in the playlist.

As for Musicmatch's pay-to-stream-by-artist thing? Nope, not something I would use.


I remember iTunes Radio under iTunes 1, it wasn't that great. Some streaming issues, and not a lot of stations. That said the newer versions have many more radio stations and various option streams for different stations such as 56k or so. I have a broadband connection, and use to always try for the highest bit rate, but notice that the lower bitstreams get better performance. So now, unless I'm trying to record an internet stream, I often opt for the lowest stream rate possible, typically 56k.

I don't listen to much radio, but I listen to Virgin UKs evening show (morning here), and often record of the 80s stations. Good stuff.

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