Ecto 1.0.4 is Released

- ecto can import photos from the latest iPhoto film roll (MacOS 10.3 only). - images can now be resized before uploading (MacOS 10.3 only). - By default ecto now autosaves drafts (turn it off in Advanced Preferences). - Live preview implemented (can be turned on by clicking on Preview window's Preferences toolbar icon and setting the corresponding option) (MacOS 10.3 only). - RSS, Atom, and text export implemented (control-click on selected rows in the Entries and Drafts list and choose Export Selection from the popup menu). - Settings drawer remembers position (left or right). - Saving drafts did not save trackback urls. Fixed. - Added option to warn if posting without keywords (MT/TP only). - Alerting when posting without categories, summary, and/or keywords now allow to go ahead with posting anyway. - Fixed timezone issue when applying custom date to a recent entry. - Other minor fixes. Download it now!

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