How Much SPAM do you receive these days?

SPAM is getting worse and worse. The Canned Spam law is not working, or if it is, I am not seeing its benefit. So tell me (vote in my poll) what percentage of your email is spam. My POPFile statistics say 85.60% of my mail is SPAM. The filter is 99.13% accurate at distinguishing that SPAM. I have not had to worry about a false positive in months, I just have to classify emails that POPFile is unsure of (it leaves them as unclassified, which means it doesn't count in the classification error tally).

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I would say 5% and that is being generous. If it wern't for the domain and the ability to throw away e-mail addresses, it would be much higher. Like 85-90%.

As much as I dislike Microsoft for alot of things, Outlook 2003 is pretty darn good at weeding out spam. I turned off a couple of my forwards once to see, and found that it handled about 95% of the spam that came it. Which was about 200-250 messages a week. That's not as good as your POPfile, but considering I wasn't running any 3rd party filter, it's pretty impressive.

At this point, the only spam that comes through is to webmaster at my domains dot com. I have a couple of domains at this point and don't like the idea of forwarding those to the bit bucket.

Now... If you were to ask about mail I get at work... That's a totally different story. I started working at a new job last December. The minute I turned on my comuter there I had 10 spam messages addressed to me! One or two actually had my full name in it! The only thing I can figure is that their list of e-mail addresses and names for Microsoft Exchange Server must be accessable to the public somehow and a spambot got ahold of the list.

I get about 30-40 spams a day at work, and that is after SpamAssassin does it's work on the messages comming into the servers there. Up until yesterday, I wasn't able to run Outlook 2003 at the office. I had Windows NT 4.0 running there... Don't ask! :( However, thanks to a small mistake on my part. (Deleting a file on the root folder of C:) I have now installed Windows 2000 on my work machine. I should be able to install and run Outlook 2003 now. I'll have to see if it will install later. If so, I'll be buying a license for that so I can have a decent mail client that supports MS Exchange Server and still do a better job of filtering spam.

Sorry for the length, but Spam is just one of my biggest pet peeves! Unsolisited phone calls are at the top, then Spam... :)

Heya Dave,

np with the length! Its always nice to see comments from people and not SPAM bots :-P.

SPAM is everywhere, email, phone, cell phone, door to door. You know I just had an Avon lady knock on my door, at like 9 AM on a Saturday! I thought they stopped doing that crap.

I agree about Outlook 2003's filtering. They did good putting bayesian filtering in it. I hope it makes it into Entourage 2004.

I just wish Apple's Mail did as good, then I would not have to run POPFile.

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