iChat AV, AIM updates add Mac to PC video conferencing

Apple Computer Inc. and America Online Inc. on Thursday announced a new level of compatibility between the companies' instant messaging applications, iChat AV and AIM 5.5 for the PC. With updates released today PC and Mac users will enjoy the benefit of video conferencing between the two platforms. One industry analyst said today that Apple stands to benefit greatly from the relations as it moves out of its niche market. "With the introduction of iChat AV in Mac OS X Panther and the iSight camera, Apple revolutionized the way people communicate with each other over the Internet," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, in a statement. "Now iChat AV users can video conference with their AOL buddies around the world who use PCs." Source: MacCentral Interesting to note is that if a PC user wants to buy an iSight, they would have to use another mic, even though the iSight has a mic. That is apparently a Mac thing. I am really glad to hear this, now the other 95% of the IM world can video chat. Of course now they need to go buy a video camera. Question: Does this mean that if my PC friends update to AIM 5.5 that they and I can voice chat iChat <-> AIM?

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Is iChat the only IM client for the Mac which supports video chat? I know it's possible using MSN Messenger on the PC (though not the Mac), and I think Yahoo Messenger supports it too although I can't be sure.

Still, interoperability is always a good thing. Pity it means downloading the full AIM client for Windows instead of using an app like Trillian, Gaim or Miranda IM.

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