Its been a busy month this week

Wow I have been busy. Way to busy to even think of my blog. But since I don't make a living bloggings, its the first thing that goes, as well as the video games. I haven't touched a controller in a couple weeks. My role at Student Publications is changing (again). It is exiting, and new. I am always up for a challenge, and this should be fun. My first task is to help streamline the entire production process. We also need to address the fact that our paper (BG News) is straying from the Style Guide set forth a number of years ago. I cannot blame it on the fact that the students are new to putting the paper together. This staff has an entire semester under their belt. My only conclusion is laziness. I am not happy with the way the paper is looking, and I am going to do something about it. Paul, the Director of Unigraphics, (same person I am making the FileMaker Pro database for) and I are going to beat this paper into shape if need be. If you want a laugh, take a look at the front page of todays paper. Take special note of the lines. Not good, not good. Oh, and check out the Pulse front, that is very well done. The Unigraphics Invoicing database is progressing very well. The University gave me a new set of fields and new way they need the export file to be exported, so I have been making these changes. Always changes. I have a couple feature additions that were just brought up. I also now know I need a multi-user login system. So I have FileMaker Server running on a G3, yet another box sitting in the office (added warmth, good for winter here in BG). I am also working on a new look for the system. It might be because I am getting tired of looking at it, but I just think the graphics were too ugly, and too much like Office apps. You can see the new GUI here. What do you think? Old screen shots are here.

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