LeBron James Jersy

Way back in October (yes, October) I ordered a a LeBron James jersey from the NBA Store. I got it today, after talking to 4 different people, 4 different times. It would have taken less time to walk to Cleveland and gone to a game at the Gund for crying out loud!

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I tried to get an Indian's jacket for my wife a few years back. After 3 months of waiting, (they told me it would take that long, the Indians had just won the division) they told me that it would be a couple more months. After about a month, I called to check again, and found that they had some how messed up the order and according to them, I didn't have it on order anymore. After a heated discussion about placing the order again and expiditing it only to find that they wouldn't do that and I would be waiting probably 3-5 more months, I decided that enough was enough.

I don't think much of the "sports" stores anymore. In the long run, it *IS* faster and cheaper to just walk to the appropriate stadium and purchase one in person.

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