Mick Foleys Greatest hits and Misses DVD Review

For those of you out there who view professional wrestling as a joke, it only takes one look at Mi ck Foley to change your mind. Mick has taken more punishment throughout his career than 99% of other wrestlers, firmly proving pro wrestling is a sport. This outstanding 2-disc DVD set is not quite a perfect collection, but as it's title suggests, these are his "Greatest Hit and Misses." Disc one takes us through some of Micks early work, mostly while wreslting under Cactus Jack. You'll see some great bouts from ECW, WCW, and SMW (Smoky Mountain Wrestling). Disc 2 deals entirely with his WWE/WWF career. Yes, the undeniably classic "Hell in a Cell" bout against the Undertaker is present. Each match also features a brief commentary from Mick himself as to why the next match was chosen for this set. While there are some matches missing that I'm sure fans would've probably included (Boiler Room Brawls anyone?), everything here is a blast to watch. A match in which Catcus tagged with Maxx Payne (who is now suing Rockstar video games over the use of his "name") against the Nasty Boys is a great example of Micks early hardcore stuff. Other matches like the Texas Death match against The Sandman from ECW is a complete mess, but you'll know why thanks to the pre-match commentary. As is to be expected, video quality ranges from outstanding to downright abysmal. The first match featured on the disc against Vader from 1993 has most of it's footage taken from Mick's own home video library. No, it doesn't look good at all, but nearly this entire match was edited by WCW since it featured blood. It's the first time this match has ever been shown uncesnsored. I doubt the quality of the video will really matter to the die-hard fans. Note that the orignal WWF logo has to be censored out of every match featuring it (in ANY form) thanks to those wonderful people know as laywers. Just the "F" though....the 2 W's are ok. It's annoying and distracting, but it's no fault of the organization. Sound is likewise hit or miss depending on the source of the footage. Some of the later WWE matches surprisingly have some rear speaker usage putting you right inside the arena. Special features have been strewn across this disc and even include a few more matches. You'll see some of Micks personal favorite promos, his farewell speech from ECW, his very first match ever in the WWF (from 1986!), WWE Confidential features, and simply more of everything. Still, there is some more missing here as well. Where is the "This is your life, Rock" segment, one of the highest rated segments in RAW history? How about another match or two against Terry Funk, his lifelong rival? I'm sure we'll eventually be treated to some of the missing items on DVD since the WWE is notorious for milking every cent out it's fans. Still, it's hard to go wrong with 6+ hours of Mick Foley on DVD regardles of what form it's presented in. While a minor step down from the Ric Flair 3-disc set recently released, Foley's career hasn't spanned 20+ years like Flair's. This is a no-brainer for any fan of pro wrestling at it's best.

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