Microsoft deactivates ActiveX

If a single technology could represent Microsoft's past preference for features over security, that technology would likely be ActiveX. ...But while many Web sites use ActiveX components or controls for that purpose, more malicious sites could use ActiveX to run code on a visitor's computer. For years, security experts have complained that Microsoft's introduction of ActiveX merely served to give online attackers another way to breach the security of computer systems. ...So Chairman Bill Gates has now relegated what had been Microsoft's "Java killer" to the role of a pop-up ad--an annoyance for security-minded people. The company announced that the coming Windows XP Service Pack 2, which is focused on security, will allow consumers to block both pop-up ads and ActiveX scripting. After applying Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer users can permit or block pop-up ads, or request that they be polled every time an ad would appear. The mechanism for stopping ActiveX is identical. ...Perhaps Microsoft's decision to finally allow its customer to turn off a vulnerable feature may mean that the software giant's security initiative is truly a break with the past. Source: C|Net Wouldn't that be a welcome change from the Redmond Behemoth? I am all for choice in Windows. I also for better security in Windows. But then those are two of the main reasons I use a Mac. From a web programmers perspective, I hate ActiveX. I am so happy to see it die. Mostly, I hate how it likes to hijack QuickTime content. When I was developing QuickTime intensive web sites for CTLT I always had to add extra safeguards that my content did not get co-opted by ActiveX. Thanks to my Dad for the link.


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Gee, that will almost make it safe to use IE. Problem for MS is other browsers have been doing it better for some time and people that know that prefer the alternatives.

I still prefer my Mac.

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