(Only) A Single Instance of iTunes

What's this nonsense about only being able to run a single instance of iTunes at a time in an otherwise multi-user environment? It's silly enough that I can share my tunes across my home network yet I can't share them with someone on the same machine. Despite keeping all my music in /Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Music, I still have to wander from account to account adding each new CD or iTunes Music Store purchase to each user's library just so that we can share _our_ (defined in the strictest sense) music. Surely your iTunes library on the local machine should show up in my iTunes window just like any other network-shared iTunes library?
You cannot open the application "iTunes" because another user has it open. Ask the other user to quit the application, then try again. [OK]
No, not OK. Should I mistakenly leave "my copy" of iTunes open and wander off for a bit, there's no music for anyone until my return. No music for you! Nobody but an administrator capable of killing off other logins and processes has the ability to rectify this situation. Should every user really need to be an administrator to truly share this multi-user environment? Bug or feature? If the former, it'd be a good one to squash. If the latter, why doesn't this feature appear in iPhoto or any of other apps (sans any DRM entanglements)? Source: raelity bytes There is a hack available, thanks to the good folks at MacOSXHints.

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I imagine it's already been said here somewhere, but it hasn't been said by me:
Thus, I wish to make it clear:
iTunes is a pain in the ass.
My biggest pet peeve with iTunes is the irreversible havoc it created in my once-meticulously-organized music library. It put every damned song in an individual folder by artist (which, yes, I learned a bit too late, didn't have to happen). NEVERTHELESS, I will have to spend an obscene amount of time pulling each and every song out of each and every artist folder....because to add to the woes, iTunes seems to want to duplicate all of my mp3 files as well! The last time I ran the program, it informed me that I had nearly five thousand mp3s! I wish!
Sorry, but iTunes is getting the boot.
And no, this isn't a question of Windows vs Mac. (affectionate wink and nod to my significant other, Duane)
It's a matter of sanity.


Oh, and by the way...not only did iTunes rearrange my music library by individual artist folder, but of course there is the album sub-folder within the artist folders and of course if the artists' names were to be misspelled or spelled differently (yes, I am guilty of downloading music--so shoot me!)....then iTunes creates folders for the various spellings as well.
Oooh, what a mess!

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