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I am in the process of overhauling my identity. HA HA, now stop snickering! I am refering to my corporate identity. To be honest I designed the logo on my Meancode site in about no time flat. And it shows. Since I don't have time (I am too busy working on too many others sites and projects) the second best thing is to pay someone else to do it. They just hope I do not become the client from hell, as I am very specific as to what I want. I want some pixel fonts for my logo type, letterhead, web site, etc, etc. and they are not easy to find. Great ones are not easy to find. Three sites that have some some good ones (specificly for small font sizes) are FontsForFlash.com (FFF), Fonts by Cal Henderson, and MiniFonts.com. I actually suggest MiniFonts.com fonts for fonts that look good under 9 point. But I need some great pixel fonts. Who better then T.26? I mean T.26 is the foundry of choice for cool fonts. I have decided on the font B Positive for my logo type. These fonts are so cheap ($29 to $49 a typeface, including all variants. More if you want both Mac & PC versions) though so I bought Cellular Three, Synkro, and Bit Kit as well. Now to craft a logo I like, biz card, letter head, and then a web site.

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Those are cool fonts. Too bad I'm broke :(

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