SPOILER ALERT - It's just like the Book

I can't wait to see The Passion of The Christ, I watched the PrimeTime Monday Interview, and this movie looks great. I hope it gets great reviews and hits #1 at the box office this weekend and for the 5 day earnings. I think it will do great, if not for anything but the fact that even bad publicity is good for business. From Blogcritics:
Seeing as though I am not Jewish, I probably would not understand the sentiment of fear this movie allegedly engenders, BUT I have read some/partly/most of the Bible and from my understanding ~ SPOILER ALERT~ the movie is just like the Book.
I too have read most of the Bible, and I am sure that this movie is pretty accurate to the Bible (joke). But as they say, the movie is never as good as the book, so we shall see. I plan on seeing The Passion this weekend sometime.

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