Switching to InDesign?

Here at Student Publications only Unigraphics has switched to InDesign. And they love it. This is partially due to the fact that they hate Quark of course. But they love using InDesign for all their projects. This might be changing. The BG News might be moving to InDesign. Which I would dearly love as well. I would also love moving to OS X so I can stop supporting OS 9, which is getting to be a pain since I do not actively use it. On March 9th Baseview and Adobe are putting on a dog and pony show in Chicago to showcase InDesign CS, InCopy CS, and NewsEdit Pro (thats a Baseview app). Paul and I will be there to see what they have to show. Unfortunately we already purchased Quark 6, because we were originally going to start using OS X last year. Adobe's volume licensing is really nice, and is better then Quark's educational pricing, but we already own Quark 6. So moving to InDesign would be $2000 down the drain. We shall see. I wish the Baseview upgrade (to OS X native versions) was not so high. But they can charge whatever they want, they are similar to M$ in that respect.

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We use Indesign 2 for our magazine. It's good, although it takes some time to get used to using it.

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