A Recipe for Learning Web Design

I get asked "how can I become a Web designer" all to often, and guess what, thats how this article starts! Written by the same guy, D. Keith Robinson, who pens the Asterisk blog (which is a good read, by the way).
Web design and its related fields are still relatively young in the grand scheme of things and are still developing. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “how can I become a Web designer?” The answer isn’t simple. There are many different paths one can take to become a professional Web designer, each as different as the individuals that make up the Web design community.

Today, many successful Web professionals are self-taught and many of these have jumped into the Web via another industry. These are also the ones who are most likely to have been at it the longest. Only recently have we seen large numbers of people come straight into Web design from formal education programs. In most cases, this formal education alone doesn’t prepare one for success...

Source: Digital Web Magazine His point about web technologies changing so rapidly that traditional classes are not enough are spot on.

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