Cops: 3 Pack DVD Review

Fox's long running show has finally made it's way to DVD. Coming in a 3-pack (each disc can also be purchased seperately), the hour long discs are all packaged seperately without any special box. Cheap on Fox' part to say the least. The 3 discs are entiled: Shots Fired, Bad Girls, and Caught in the Act. Each disc contains various snippets from recent seasons that relate to the title of the disc. It's baffling, but everything on these discs is CENSORED. Language is bleeped, the finer points of gratuitous nudity is lost, and it's simply no different than catching these episodes on TV. Well, not everything is cut...see, Fox has been kind enough to include "bonus footage" which is all uncensored. These brief 15-20 minute hodge podge of clips are the only special features on these discs. If they can include this footage, why can't they simply leave the entire disc uncensored? The warning labels all over the disc about violence, language, and nudity are seriously misleading. Video quality is as expected for something filmed as it is. Same goes for the sound. Even as single discs, this DVD series is a major dissapointment. All the VHS releases of the show were uncensored, so it's even more baffling as to why these are all cut up. Certainly NOT worth a purchase unless your looking to snag a few new clips on a new format.

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