ESPN Dream Job Finale

Have you been watching ESPN's take on the reality tv show genre "Dream Job?" As always, ESPN does it right. I think Zach was the best all around person up there all 6 weeks of the competition. I think his hair hurt him, even after he shaved and pulled his hair back. You can grow your hair back for crying out loud, he should have got a short clean cut, shave the goatee and if he was really serious I think he would have. After all, the judges always had great things to say about Zach. But ESPN already has one Kenny Mayne and they do not need two. After they cut Zach my vote was to keep Aaron, but I was in the minority. I thought Aaron did much better with his final SportsCenter with Linda Cohn, and Aaron sure had an edge in tonight's sports questions. The lack of sports "trivia" knowledge did not hurt Mike though. After thinking about it, Mike Hall has a little more personality. It should be interesting seeing his first real SportsCenter. ESPN has come up with some great programming in the past year, with shows like PlayMakers (which is sadly not coming back). Dream Job was a great show from start to finish, and it is nice to see a reality tv show not turn into a soap opera. I think the best part of Dream Job, other then Stu, was the behind-the-scenes look at the best damn sports show on television (SportsCenter, not FOX Sports). Just like everyone is an armchair quarterback, everyone is an armchair SportsCenter anchor. We all want to be a SportsCenter personality. We all think we could be one. For Mike Hall's poor performance in today's sports questions against Aaron, he did exceptionally well in his final set of questions to determine his salary, when it really counted. 95K, that is insane. The other "final four" contestants might get some nice jobs sure, but nothing close to working in Bristol, CT.

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