Game Over on UPN Review

Gamers have been "treated" to their second most embarrasing moment of 2004. UPN debuted their CGI animated series "Game Over" tonight and sad as it is to say, I'm not sure if the Spike TV video game awards were worse or if this show just set a new low. Game Over gives us the useless story of the Smashnburns, a family of supposed video game characters living in, well, a video game world. Their neighbors are ninja types who are constantly brawling with other evil ninja types. The mother is a Lara Croft knock-off, the father a race car driver, and their kids are nothing. Yes, nothing. They are not a part of any game like their parents, and their inclusion in the show makes little or no sense. The glorious first episode (sarcasm people) which premiered this evening gives us a mish mash of plots, none of them which pan out or are entertaining in any way. We learn of how the family "adopts" their pet, a purple, horny, chain smoking dog thing that like looking at the mother through a peep hole in the shower. Oh wait, I get it! She like Lara Croft! It's a rip on all of those nude codes! That is just like, so funny (more sarcasm people)! The wonderful producers also gave us a plethora of unfunny fart jokes, a father bra shopping with his daughter, and the teenage boy who's pants drop a bit farther than neccesary to be cool. The only minor high point of this half hour mess were the brief cameos of a few actual game characters including Abe from the Oddworld series and Crash Bandicoot. Supposedly, there are 5 episodes of this show waiting to air for the next 5 Wendsday nights. I'd be seriously surprised if we see more than 3 of these actually air. It's a completely wasted attempt at what could've been a mildy amusing look at video game characters, but instead turned out to be worse than that stupid Old Navy commercial that aired during one of the commercial breaks. UPN, your market researchers blew it.

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