Indie-only serves music with no DRM

The iTunes Music Store has been gradually adding more independent music since its second-generation version was launched in October, 2003, but fans of such music have a new resource to turn to as well. It's called, and it launched last Halloween. Since then the indie-only online music download service has gone from 17,000 to almost 90,000 tracks and will expand even further in the next couple of months. MacCentral recently spoke with the company's co-founder and CEO Morgan Harris to find out more. works very differently than most other online services include the iTunes Music Store -- that's evident from the Web site, which is also the main interface for the service. The company has eschewed a custom application interface for a Web browser. "We did it that way so it's cross-platform," Harris told MacCentral. No Digital Rights Management, totally cross-platform. Source: MacCentral

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Pat Beitmann:

AudioLunchbox is definitely the best download store out there. Great customer service, good selection of indie music. iWho?

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