Leaked Memo Says Microsoft Raised $86 million for SCO

Open source advocate Eric Raymond has published a document purporting to be an internal SCO memo confirming that Microsoft helped arrange financing for the company's jihad against Linux users to the tune of $86 million. The document below was emailed to me by an anonymous whistleblower inside SCO. He tells me the typos and syntax bobbles were in the original. I could not, when I received it, certify its authenticity, but I presumed that IBM's, Red Hat's, Novell's, AutoZone's, and Daimler-Chryler's lawyers could subpoena the original. On March 4th SCO, within 24 hours of publication, I received word from Steven J. Vaughan at eWEEK.com that SCO had confirmed that the memo is legitimate.

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ESR is making it up. The GPL guys are getting uglier by the day. If press had attacked ESR and his friends the way they attacked Microsoft, we wouldn't have Linux today. I am not supporting ESR and his friends anymore. They are attacking the freedom itself, by claiming to be providing it. You can't critize their software, you can't say positive things about Microsoft. They attack you with DDoS. Enough is enough.

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