Leo host no longer of The Screen Savers

:sad: It is weird with now Leo as host. The first show post Leo had him doing a segment on changing a linux password, something that Kevin would usually do. Sure, Patrick and Kevin will do a great job, but its not the same. Leo was also the resident Mac geek on the show, so I am sure the amount of Mac content on TSS will decline now. Call for Help will now be the only place to get the fix for Leo's wit now. Oh and did you hear that Comcast is going to buy TechTV and merge it with G4? It will be interesting to see what other changes are in store for my second favorite tv station, TechTV. G4 just magically apeared one day (I have Time Warner Cable) and I have started to watch it, but G4 is a one trick pony with a lot of reruns. Here is another good read about the TechTV/G4 merger. From Leo's blog: I hate long good-byes. I loathe long on-air goodbyes. So don't expect me to say much tonight on The Screen Savers. But since the news is out on Slash-Dot and the TechTV message boards, I guess I'd better say something here... The story of how this came about is long and boring, but suffice to say it was my decision. With the uncertainty caused by the channel's sale I decided it would be prudent to diversify. I was lucky enough to find a great weekend job at KFI in Los Angeles, but as a result I've been working seven days a week. TechTV very graciously has allowed me to cut back so that I can work at both places without sacrificing my health or sanity. I will continue to host Call for Help every day, and it will air at a new time, 6p Eastern, right next to The Screen Savers. I hope you'll stop by on your way to The Big Show®....

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Thank God! That sounds kind of mean, but have you actually watched him on that show! When callers ask questions, he interrupts them (yes I know it's live television and they have a limited time, however...), he never really listened to the questions and started spewing out answers to something completely different. Good think Patrick is there to help point him back to the question being asked...

I can take him in small doses, so his little segment in TSS is much better.

I stopped watching Call For Help because he was giving out bad info to questions or not knowing the answer to questions that were very simple and he should have known them. Cat is no help at all, and Roger probably kept quiet so as not to make Leo look bad. Plus the Wednesday Photoshop segments have fallen apart to just Q&A sessions and their free files have mostly been repeats of previous free files. Not very many new ones.

TSS got rid of Jessica Corbin which was a really good thing, however they pushed her over to Tech Live which I used to watch until she showed up there. :( I really dislike her a lot. She doesn't dress at all correctly for her body. At least that was the case with TSS. Her voice really grated on me. I'm glad she's gone. I also really didn't like Morgan Webb also. Oddly enough, I liked Megan. Sadly, she is gone working for Microsoft now. Good for her, bad for TSS.

Kevin is a pretty good replacement for Leo, but the Kevin/Sarah thing is getting really old. Plus, come on, do they really think we believe that she goes into RegEdit and hacks the registry on her own? Please!

Ok, I guess I had better stop before I use up all your webhosting HD space. :)


Well I have to agree with you about the Kevin/Sarah thing. And Megan did do a great job.

But I do not find Leo annoying as you.

I would not be surprised if there are a few personal changes after the merger with G4.

But I hope they keep Kevin, he has the best features on TSS.

For those fans of the now defunct tech show "The Screen Savers" formally of ZDTV, TechTV, G4TechTV and G4 I have exciting news. Patrick Norton, Robert Heron and Jim Louderback (all of former ZDTV/TechTv fame) have been working on a new project for ZiffDavis called DigitalLifeTV. It's still getting started and has rough episodes occasionally but production value is consistently increasing and it is a lot like the old TSS format. The show is streamed live on the web and is also availible for download after the fact in a variety of formats. If you're a former ZDTV/TechTv fan or just someone interested in technology but not looking for something over your head I encourage you to check this out!

Thanks Ben. Click! I have seen the magazine for DigitalLife, and thought it didn't have much substance. I didn't know they had a TV show too.

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