This can has a great story behind it, and has hit many many newspapers and television stations. I'll preface this with the fact that I've been hearing odd things in my house at night. I'm betting on either a) aliens or b) ghosts, but it could be the fact that I'm usually drunk and forget to turn off various TV's and stereos. Upon heading to bed, I find that the can has MYSTERIOUSLY sprung open, as if to let out some inner demon. Yeah, I can just sense you geiger-counting/ghost-busting folk about to blow it right now with anticipation. With closer inspection you can see that this OPENED ITSELF. The tab you normally flip forward to open the can is NOT up, and instead the part that should be pushed down into the can has burst out, undoubtedly letting some little demon into my seriously unholy house. So I'm screwed for sure. Source: eBay Auction & & WSJ OpinionJournal

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