Live From Detroit

This is the first live remote for Breaking Windows! But it has not been without some small problems. The M39/Southfield exit was closed (yes construction in Michigan is actually worse then it is in Ohio) so I had to take Ford Rd. exit and double back to the Holiday Inn. But did I remember everything? Lets see: Clean underwear, etc: Check Razor, toiletries: Check Cell Phone: Check AC Adapter for Cell Phone: Check Palm: Check GameBoy Advance: Check PowerBook: Check AC Adapter for PowerBook: Oops! Man I was so close! And as I am here for a FileMaker Pro training workshop, I can't go three days without actually using FileMaker Pro as I am learning new techniques. I can't stand learning the things and not being able to apply them right away, especially when it has to do with software. Don't believe what Apple says about PowerBook battery life. They are correct about iBook batteries, they seem to last. But not the PowerBook ones. Luckily there is a CompUSA within walking distance from the Holiday Inn I am staying at. So now I am the proud owner of 4, yes 4, PowerBook AC adapters. I keep one at work, one at my couch (I pride myself on being lazy), one at my desk attached to my BookEndz Dock, and now I guess I have one I can permanently keep in my PowerBook bag. That is pathetic. MacAdacemy/ WindowsAcademy is putting this show on, and Keith Keil is the instructor. I have some of the training CDs he has authored for MA/WA. As a nice bonus, we get a voucher for 6 free training CDs from MA/WA. I am not sure to wait until they have a set on FMP 7 or get their InDesign CS set. Work already owns their FMP 6 set. This Holiday Inn is l33t! I get free DSL, something I have never had in a hotel, although I do not travel. Since this FMP workshop is here at the hotel, there is a discount on the price of the room. So it made no sense staying at a "cheaper" place. The food is great, and I get 10% off at the restaurant downstairs. So the price is right all around. There is a pool to swim (no, I don't get to swim much). This place is great, and very relaxing. I will worry about work on Monday, yay! Next update from Detroit will be about the first day of FMP goodness. Fun fun!

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