Panther on a 366 Mhz iBook

Do you remember the original iBook? The "clam shell" or "toilet seat" iBook, as some people called it. I just installed Panther on a 366 Mhz iBook, the first in the line to have a FireWire port. It has 320 MB of RAM, and I am impressed. In comparison I have ran 10.1, and 10.2 on a 300 Mhz iMac. I have not seen 10.3 on a slow processor yet. And I am very impressed. It is very responsive, even without turning off the drop shadow (ShadowKiller, Unsanity, free). The Finder is very responsive. The only thing that takes forever is the pre-binding process ("Optimizing System") after software updates - this is like watching grass grow.

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i installed panther on a B/W 3oo mhz G3 and was also impressed with how well it ran. In addition I added iLife with Garagband and it runs it smoothly. It can't handle more than 4 tracks but it's good enough for what I need it for. not bad ofr a machine thats over 5 years old!

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