Rundown DVD Review

If there is such a thing as paint-by-numbers movie making, "The Rundown" is a perfect example. It's so cliched, so predictable, and so generic, you can actually guess half the dialouge and plot points before they even happen. However, when it's this much fun, who cares? The Rock/Dwayne Johnson plays Beck, a bounty hunter type who's tiring of the buisness and wants out. He agrees to one last job to earn $250,000, enough to live his dream: open his own restraunt. That job leads him into the heart of the Amazon to retrieve Travis, played hilariously as always by Sean William Scott. Things don't pan out quite as easily as Beck had planned. What follows are some of the most ludicrous action seqences ever put on film, using everything from CG to "wire-fu." It's dumb, it's fun, and it's a great ride for the full hour and half. Assuming you bought the proper disc, the film is presented in it's orignal 2.35:1 aspect ratio. It's a gorgeous print with deep blacks and some extreme color. In fact, the color is SO strong, I found it neccesary to fiddle with my otherwise perfect TV's color settings. I've never had to do this before with any movie. The sound is likewise spectacular with a full mix that immerses viewers directly into the action. The opening sequence in the dance club is a perfect example of how well mixed this disc is. Thumping bass, lots of screaming, and tons of things breaking make for a refrence quality sequence. While not an all-out special edition, the disc does have a nice variety of special features. There's a nice stack of deleted/extended scenes, a look at how they made Hawaii and California look like the Amazon, and a stupid look at the monkey sequence. 2 commentaries are also available for those interested, with the Rock featured on one having a blast talking about the movie. While certainly not a film for anyone who only believes art-house movies are the only ones worth watching, this is a mainstream movie where you could put your mind at ease and just laugh. It's not a classic actioner, but it's more than a worthwhile while to kill almost 2 hours. The Rock is here and I have a feeling we'll be seeing quite a bit more of him in the future.

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