ShapeShifter 1.2 is out with LOTS of changes

Just take a look at all the new changes in 1.2! Wow! It seems like it should be more then a .1 update. There is a new theme installed by default, SimpleX. Its blue, and it looks really nice. Unsanity really makes great software for OS X. By far the best new feature is the new ability for themes to skin individual applications. Before you had to use other apps to skin apps individually. I own a lot of Unsanity software though, so maybe I am just a little bias.

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Well I didn't get the new default cause right after I upgraded, I upgraded to 10.3.3 and when I do that, it defaults back to Aqua. Safari is skinned but iTunes is not. So far, all doing well. Even Photoshop is skinned.

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