Volvo S40 Commercial

"animated driver on animated course" I believe Grand Tourismo was the game, I could be wrong, racing is one genre I do not like. But the new Volvo S40 commercial uses an animated driver and an animated course. So shit sherlock! We are used to seeing the "professional driver, closed track" disclaimer on all the car commercials these days, but "animated driver on animated course?" The S40 commercial goes something like this: driver is driving around curves on a track, then they show an interior shot, the "animated driver on animated course" disclaimer shows at the bottom, and then the driver takes a few flips off the course, then gets out (unscathed, of course). Come on people! It might look pretty, but its a VIDEO GAME! It is not reality. I can understand the need to have the disclaimer to cover their collective ass for the horde of recent commercials that have a REAL driver on a REAL course driving like a lunatic. But this type of disclaimer on an animation from a video game just shows the hoops that legal departments have to go through these days. Its just pathetic. This type of disclaimer reminds me of Bill Engvall's "Here's Your Sign" bit where he pokes fun at the outrageous warning signs on products.

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Whoa guy, I think you are going a bit overboard on this one. The disclaimers are a joke! Obviously everything is 3d, and nothing is real. To make the commercial more real, they added the disclaimers. I believe they have that there to make it funny.

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