Ever since I read that Sports Illustrated article about their workflow, and went to the ACDSee web site, I have been hit with 3 SPAM emails. The latest is a newsletter, that I am subscribed to now. Is this a coincidence? I think not! But how are they harvesting my email address? I didn't fill anything out on their site. This last ACDSee email I got looks like an actual newsletter that someone would sign up for. The first two just looked like junk mail trying to sell the product to me. People should be shot for doing this. No, scratch that, the people who buy stuff from SPAM who make it a valuable marketing tool should be shot. Why shoot the messenger when you can go strait to the source. Maybe Sir William's crazy idea to buy stamps to send email would work. But then probably not since we all know that SPAM is a cost effective marketing trend. Bastards.

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