'Call for Help' Gets Pirillo Back

It is so nice to have Chris Pirillo back hosting Call for Help. Why is Leo not there? I don't care! I always liked the show better when Chris was hosting it. The pace is faster, no Leo rambling. Chris is a little fast for Roger, but he bounces off off of Cat well. It is a refreshing change, and frankly I hope it lasts. It is great having a younger host on Call for Help. There was a show or two when Cat and Roger hosted, that is ALWAYS bad, and this time was no exception. Then all of a sudden Pirillo is back after pretty much one year. The show is funny again, it has a host that is knowledgeable, young, and is not boring or irritating in front of the camera. Thank you Chris! Its like a Call for Help revival. Has anyone noticed that The Screen Savers has not lost a step at all without Leo? It sure has not, I would say its a little snappier too. Kudos and I hope that TechTV does not get torn apart by G4.

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FYI: Leo is back

I actually prefer Leo, though Chris was okay. From what I understand, Chris' ratings were *really* low. At least you get to see him for a few shows :)

Thanks, Chris actually emailed me back to say that Leo is back. I like Leo too, I just like Chris and the pace he keeps better.

Be careful when you speculate on ratings and what they were / are. There's a reason for everything, Ryan.

When I had DirecTV I used to watch TechTV all the time. I enjoyed all the personalities--Leo, Chris, Cat, Megan, Roger--but I miss Chris' hyperkinetic hosting of Call for Help. (I believe he's professed to an addiction to caffeine, evidenced in his promise to reduce his coffee intake during his temporary return to Call for Help.) Leo's a great host, though, too, and I enjoy his ramblings.

I suppose my previous post wasn't saying much--just that TechTV had a good ensemble for the period of time I watched it (on and off over the course of two years). It's good to hear Chris is back--he was a great cast member. TechTV should consider bringing him back full-time. That is not to say that Leo is not a wonderful host, for he's wonderful at answering tech support calls in a clear, simplistic and entertaining manner; I'm just saying that Chris was fun, informative and entertaining, too. Perhaps TechTV should consider having the two people/personalities complement each other, as Patrick and Leo do (do they still co-host The Screen Savers?). Chris will be the younger, hyper one, while Leo will "reign Chris back in" by providing a mellow counterpart--plus Leo will appeal more to some to of the older viewers.

Ryan, I can't see how the raitings were down for Chris. When I see that Cat and Roger and hosting the show, I turn it off. When I see Leo or Chris (or I have seen Kevin sometimes) host, I will watch.

Harold, I think you sum up what I meant by my post reguarding Leo and Chris very well.


As much as Chris Pirillo is an interesting character on the show, the people who *NEED* to watch wouldn't watch because he was too young and crazy. Leo was better for that show because he appealed to the older folks that need to watch the show to get a better understanding of the world of computers.

I mean really, do 14-30 year olds need to watch Call For Help? Sure some do, but most don't really. My father really needs a source of information on computers that he can understand and want to watch. Chris Pirillo was just not that person. Leo is better, but he still does the young crazy act every once and a while and my father stops watching.

All the computer support I did when I was looking for a job all dealt with people that were over 50... Ok there was a couple of younger folks, but I had a good 20 calls from folks that were over 50. The really sad thing was that all they really needed was Ad-Aware/Spybot run and a program to clean up the programs that load at Windows startup time. I felt like I was stealing their money since most of my time with them was waiting for Ad-Aware to finish. I tried to teach them how to use the program so that they wouldn't have to call me again for that process...


Oh, I forgot... Congrat's on the celebrity post! Although I think I out do yours with a post from Wil Wheaton! :)

Thanks! and congrats right back, Wil Wheaton kick ass!

I agree with you about the older people needed a Leo personality.

I have done my share of support and all of the people have been over 40 or 50 too, so I know what you are talking about.

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