Deep Rising DVD review

Deep Rising is by far one of the most entertaining creature features Hollywood has pumped out in years. The obscene amount of gore, super hot Famke Janssen, Treat Williams' best performance of all time, and a great creature design is only the beginning. Taking place almost entirely on a humungous cruise ship, this all out action/sci-fier is cetainly derivative of countless other movies, but none of them do it any better. The tentacles of the massive beast take out literally hundereds (if not thousands) of people before the credits roll, all to feed the mass of flesh which has ripped it's way into the center of the ship. A must for either action or sci-fi fans. The DVD presents the film as it should, a gorgeous widescreen print with few (if any) flaws. The only real problem is that the crystal clear picture makes the low budget CGI that permiates most of the film even more obvious. Black levels are solid and only some minor color bleeding mar an otherwise perfect print. As if the picture wasn't enough, the 5.1 mix included here is simply unheard of. Since the monster can pretty much go anywhere aboard the liner, viewers (well, listeners in this case) are treated to some stunning surround usage. The LFE channel gets a workout thanks to the insane amount of gunfire and explosions. I've put this disc in many a time simply to hear it. Very few standard 5.1 mixes are better than the one included here. As is the norm for a underappreciated sci-fi movie, the disc is barren, minus a few trailers. Any home theater enthusiast should still have this disc in their collections, even if they hate the movie. The picture and sound quality combined with what is bound to be a cult classic horror flick make this a worthy disc to any collection.

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