Freelance For The Toledo City Paper

TCP.gifYesterday and today I have spent about a 12 hrs. working at the Toledo City Paper (it is a weekly paper). My boss (thanks!) at The BG News gave my name to the publisher of the TCP, and the rest is history. This is the first time I have gone into and had to assess a network (that was not on campus). It was actually fun and I found that I have a pretty good grasp on discovering the strengths and weaknesses in the network and in the workflow. After all my campus related experience, it is nice to see how "the real world" does things. The art director had a list of issues to tackle, so this made my job a little "easier." I like lists. Its fun to cross stuff off when you are done. The reason I went back today was because I did not finish all the work I thought I did yesterday before leaving, oops! No biggie, I knew how to fix the problem (that I made) before I drove up to Toledo. Its nice to know that my knowledge of Mac networks + print publishing workflow might get me a job some day. For now I am rather happy being a network geek for hire.

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