Fun Stuff on April Fools

Is Google for real? Are they going to offer 1 GB of file storage for email, free no less? Plausible, sure, probable? Not likely. Is Apple going to release an triple processor G5? Rob did a great job on this one, we talked about it last night. Is Apple going to release a Dual 3 Ghz G6? This just in: Apple and IBM announce enterprise servers featuring Mac OS X Server. And for a far out job check out this very unique job posting at Google. Is Apple going to release a G5 mini (in 5 colors)? Talk about a LAN party rig! Now only if we could get current games on the Mac in a timely fashion. There are exceptions to this of course, thanks Blizzard and Epic. For those of you lucky enough to have a subscription to MacAddict (I have been a subscriber since its birth) you know that the annual April edition has wonderful April Fools pranks in it. This years was no slacker either. There are some great pranks in there! If you do not subscribe, you are to late for their annual prank fest feature, but this month's issue still has other great stuff in it, as always. Oh, and The BG News even has a funny Op. Ed. piece "The day the daily newspaper died" that you just have to read. And yes, we had people call.

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