FWD: Re: Emails of eBay members [meancode.com@domainsbyproxy.com]

Importance: Normal X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2462.0000 X-Virus-Scanned: Norton X-Nonspam: Statistical 55% Hello: We are offering an email database which allows to contact eBay members (both sellers and shoppers). These are individuals that buy and sell items on the eBay auction. Please notice that 90% of eBay customers are also customers of PayPal. This database will be perfect for selling your products/services, because we are providing you unique prospects who purchase and sell more than anybody else! The data contains 408,000 records, which include personal email addresses only. The records cover ALL categories listed on eBay. The database will be delivered to you in any format of your choice (Excel, ASCII, CSV, etc.). By default it is provided in a 4.4MB TXT file. The data was collected in the period of last 2 months and will be updated quarterly. The price we are asking is $360. To place the order please fill out the form: http://www.gmthost.com/ebay.php To contact me please email to info@gmthost.com (THIS EMAIL ONLY! DO NOT 'REPLY'). Please notice that we also maintain a list of eGold sellers. Best, Tom Theroux (yasuhiro@wongfaye.com) This one got through POPFile... And yes, the X headers were inside the mail body. My eBay name is meancode.com, so they seem to have the names and email addresses. Now how many stupid people are going to buy this list? Its not as if I do not get enough SPAM posing as PayPal emails, how fun, now I will get even more! The sad part here is people are too easily fooled by these scams. As a side note, the payment page is not running SSL. Also, it is safe to say that I will not be looking to GMT Time Host to be hosting any of my sites.

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