Is $50 too much for a video game?

If you think that $50 is too much to pay for a video game, check out this eBay auction for Kizuna Encounter EURO - Neo Geo AES. It is apparently the 5th confirmed copy in the world! Thanks to Matt Paprocki for the link. Matt sent me this link on the 3rd telling me that it would sell, and indeed, it has. Well it has a winning bidder at least. From Matt:
Actually, it sold for $12,500 after a minor off-auction bidding war. Here’s the thread that started it.

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Actually, it sold for $12,500 after a minor off-auction bidding war. Hereís the thread that started it.

Matt, that "http://" button is there for a reason :-P

Thanks. I will put the link into the main article, and link it in your comment.

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