King Kong (1976) DVD review

I'm not very sure if you can screw up a remake worse than Dino De Laurentiis did King Kong. Not only were the special effects a complete disaster, even for 1976 (though in one of the most stunning moments ever, they won an Oscar), the campy feel destroyed the soul of the 1933 classic. A oil comany (led by Charles Grodin) picks up Kong and brings him back to New York for publicity purposes. In a shocking moment to audiences worldwide, Kong escapes and ends up on top of the World Trade Center. The acting (especially Grodin) is abysmal and the only saving grace is Jessica Lange for obvious purposes. A very early DVD release, King Kong offers little in the way of anything DVD worthy. The widescreen print (2.35:1) is filled with scratches, compression problems, and color bleeding. It's fairly clear, but all this does is make the already painful effects look even worse. The new 5.1 mix is hardly worth the time. The early jungle sequences have some nice ambient sounds, but the final showdown on the top of the Towers is absent of any surround speaker usage. Not even the subwoofer is challenged. Sub-par print + even more dissapointing sound = Bad disc. The only "feature" is the theatrical trailer. I'm sure for such an over-hyped movie there's something out there on the making of the film. Production problems were countless during filming and it's a shame their not covered on the disc. Hopefully Peter Jacksons upcoming remake will promt Paramount to release a nice set chronicling the troubles of this film, but until then, this is a disc better off staying on the store shelves at any price.

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Makes ya just want to stop the whole computer thing and go back to rocks and spears.

I have finally gone to checking all registrations by hand since spammers where registering with ad web sites without my knowing. I already killed one registration that pointed to an ad site. What really cracks me up is that the spammers have to do this by hand at my site since I have a thing now where the user has to put numbers in that are generated graphically. At least I'm not getting the 100 comment spam posts as before...


I know you don't like MT anymore and have switched.

I usually get the comments from this. But I think I know why I did not get this one, its Matt's post. Have to change the email address. MT-Blacklist does its job very well I must say.

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