Matrix Revolutions DVD Review

The Matrix: A 6-hour movie trilogy, none of which I've ever understood. Well, I did somewhat grasp the concept and the fist film did seem fairly understandable, but each of the sequels lost me. In all honesty, I didn't even try to understand them. I simply sat back, enjoyed the ride, spectacular effects, and stunnng action each film brought to the table. Revolutions picks up immediately after Reloaded and wastes no time getting started. Neo takes on a dangerous task he know he must complete, the people brace for an epic battle at the docks, and agent Smith is still trying to completely take over. The final hour of this film is enough to appease even those lost as far as the storyline goes. It's epic and jaw-dropping throughout. The 3rd and final film of the trilogy is nearly all action. Mere words cannot express the visceral thrill and staggering amount of special effects crammed into this unbelievable finale. The pace is relentless and the payoff is unlike anythign else ever put onto a screen. This is one of the most visually exciting films ever and one that blends perfectly with DVD technology. Picture quality here keeps everything together, something so important to the film. With the exception of digital grain, this is a flawless print. The bright colors never saturate the screen, black levels are outstanding, and every minute detail is apparent. The CG shots are rarely obvious, something that most likely a testament to the quality of the special effects than the DVD master. The sound is actually a bit of a dissapointment. The rear channels are used in nearly every scene, but your subwoofer may have some trouble. The LFE channel is all over the place. In places where it should be loud, it's not, and in scenes where it should hardly be noticeable, it nearly reaches the cut off level. Still, the action sequences are reference quality even with this issue. Any DVD fan knows we'll be getting a massive box set of these movies loaded with special features when the time finally arrives. This is most likely why a commentary track is absent from disc one. Disc 2 houses everything else. The white rabbit feature that has been present on the previous films is again here, appearing to branch viewers to other segments. The main featurette runs about 30 minutes and goes over every aspect of the production, but does focus on CG a bit too much. The CG Evolution menu goes over various effects shots and how they were completed and touches on minatures as well. There's a look at the final battle with Smith and Neo, a nice Matrix timeline that helps explain the story to idiots like me, and more storyboards, concept art, and all that fun stuff. There's also a 10-minute look at the Matrix online video game which is just blatant product placement. Though it seems to be the un-cool thing to do, I love this series. Their style and groundbreaking effects will likely never be matched by anyone else. The DVD is a nice production, but it's hard to recommend when everyone knows there is going to be a huge box set eventually. The features are mostly there simply to appease fans and give them something else to watch. It's not perfect, but it's not meant to be either. Note: Best Buy is exclusively offering a PC/MAC CD-ROM with some extra stuff on it. It's a rectangular disc with a short bonus documentary, bios, stills, screensavers, wallpapers, and other useless stuff. It's nothing worth tracking down if you don't have a location near you. Everything in the documentary is covered on the DVD.

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