Operation Take One For The Country

I saw this over at Jake's blog, and just had to repost. From the home page: Mission Statement: To discretely provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible. About US: 'Operation Take One For The Country' (abbreviated OTOFTC) is a movement of like-minded women (women predominantly as of right now) who have covertly organized into groups to frequent eating and drinking establishments near armed service bases where troops are preparing to ship out overseas, and take one for the country, so to speak. We are a virtual organization and have no official headquarters or charter. We believe US service men and women deserve our support and we are willing to make caring choices about making them happy.

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I figured it was a hoax from the get go. The supposed radio interview was with two women from Alabama, yet the radio station was "KDRZ". Radio stations east of the Mississippi River all start with "W", and those west of the Mississippi start with "K". So, that looked fishy from the get-go.

Notice how they give the call letters, but no city. That seems odd all by itself. Pulling up the FCC listed radio stations, and there isn't a radio station anywhere in the country that goes by the call letters "KDRZ", nor is there a Green Clover Media (supposedly KDRZ's parent company).

It's just a hoax by some guy in the military who can't get laid, and so is hoping to start a movement in order to get some.


It's a hoax. Probably someone trying to get laid, make a buck off of shirts, or both.


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