Performing Eudora Pro Surgury

I just keep impressing people here at the office. Everyone at the office uses Eudora Pro 4.2 on OS 9. I used to use Eudora Pro, but have since moved on to Entourage and now Apple Mail. I wish our office would change to Entourage because that program is easier to organize mail (everyone here leaves ALL their mail in their Inbox). My boss got an email with a resume in it, it is in RTF format (MS Word RTF to be specific). He opened and could read the email, but could not open the attached RTF file. This is because it was doing this really weird thing that OS 9 used to do with QuickTime (which is used for translation) would display the RTF as a slideshow style QuickTime movie. I have seen this before. Its a black movie box with white text. Except with a RTF document, you have a lot of RTF commands and code before the text. Not only could we not read this RTF file, we could not close the message, or delete it for that matter, without it taking the entire system down, no three finger solute worked here. Luckily I have used Eudora Pro enough in the past to know how to handle this. How you ask? Get out my trusty Swiss Army Knife - BBEdit. In the Eudora Folder there is a Mail Folder. In here is the 48 MB Inbox file that holds most of my bosses email. All I had to do was open this in BBEdit and delete this email that had this RTF file. Eudora use carriage returns to differentiate individual emails. I wish Apple Mail worked like that. Maybe just because I know how fix it. Upon opening Eudora Pro you are warned that Eudora has to recompile the database, it does, and you are good to go. The only problem is that there are a lot of emails that were previously deleted that show up again, and all email is set to a ? for its read status. But, my boss could send and receive again. Mission Accomplished. Oh and that RTF, it was in the Attachments Folder where I knew it was. It even opened up in Word when double clicked. Imagine that. That read-a-text-file-as-movie thing is really weird.


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