Report: Real seeks musical duet with Apple

RealNetworks Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rob Glaser has urged Apple Computer Inc.'s CEO Steve Jobs to partner its digital music businesses against rival Microsoft Corp., according to a report published Thursday in The New York Times online edition. In an e-mail sent April 9, Glaser offered to create a "tactical alliance" with Jobs and Apple, the report said, citing the message that was obtained by The New York Times "from a person close to Apple." Should Apple, in Cupertino, Calif., and RealNetworks, in Seattle, Wash., be unable to reach an accord, RealNetworks may turn to Microsoft to pursue "very interesting opportunities," the report quoted Glaser as writing. Source: MacCentral I really do not know what to think of this. It would be great for Apple and Real to make a deal, but it seems odd, a very odd match. But hell, if Apple and HP can partner and make HP branded iPods, who knows what is possible.

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