Stupid Windows Adware

This is something that I have (thankfully) never seen myself. A client of mine called me up asking why a specific word was linked on his entire site. That work was "real estate." I did not make it a link, and it was not a link on my PC or my Mac. I went to the site, and sure enough that word was not underlined. Clicking this link took my client to a ad sponsored page, obviously to do with real estate. Some adware had actually linked that keyword. Amazing, I did not know they could do that. But it is Internet Exploder and I am not surprised with what adware can do anymore. I told my client to download Spybot Search & Destroy and run it weekly. My guess is Spybot took care of it. Folks, this is yet another reason I do not use my PC for production.

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I've seen a couple of programs that do that. Flyswat used to do that, and I think eZula still does, but I could be wrong.

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