Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1 DVD review

At age 7, it caught me: Ninja Turtle mania. Mere words cannot express my love at that age for these comic book creations. For countless years at Halloween (and other days I deemed neccesary), I'd don the home-made-by-mom costume of Donatello and kick some major ass.....well, thin air actually. But that's beside the point. Now their on DVD in animated form and my life couldn't be better (or sadder if you stop to think how overjoyed I am about a nearly 15 year old cartoon being on DVD....and still remembering the lines). This set contains all 5 episodes of season 1. Yeah, only 5 episodes. But, Artisan has been kind enough to toss on 4 extra episodes that never made it to the airwaves when the show finally met its demise in the mid 90's. So, that brings us to a total of 9 episodes (roughly 3 hours of glorious entertainment) forever preserved digitally. The first 5 episodes deal with the origins of the turtles, the beginnings of Shredder and Krang's "relationship," and the beginnings of other various characters who would become the centerpiece of the series. The extra 4 episodes are better off forgotten, one including the mutated amoeba known as the "Globfather" (yeah, Globfather). The single DVD package is housed inside a cardboard slipcase featuring embossed artwork. Each episode is presented in full frame and is surprisngly clear. Compression problems will be evident on high end set-ups, but everyone else should have little trouble. The only scratches occur on the animation cells themselves and are really bad in a few episodes. It's hilarious to see a fingerprint suddenly appear and then dissapear. The newer (unaired) episodes look a bit better than the older ones, but only in the area of the colors which are a bit brighter. This is most likely due to the tone of the episodes than the DVD itself. The sound is basic Dolby 2 channel stereo and is hardly better than any VHS version. Come on, you KNOW you loved TMNT II. Vanilla Ice prancing around a stage proclaiming "Ninja Rap!" is too much for anyone not to enjoy. Though the cartoon never quite reached those cinematic highs, anyone who grew up with this classic series should immediately pick up this disc. Here's hoping season 2 is not far behind.

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