The Master Plan

I will elaborate on how I got to this point in my college career later, when I have more sleep. For now just go with the flow if you don't know me personally. Today Bonnie Mitchell and I put together a plan to graduate in 2 yrs. I hope that happens, but if it doesn't I am not gonna go crazy. I mean I graduated high school in 1997 and I am not itching to get the heck out of college. If I take 9 credit hrs. for 6 semesters (that includes summer semesters too) I should be able to graduate in May of 2006. I can handle 9 credit hrs. a semester. I get started on this plan this summer. I have left classes that normally freshman take, not people with 73 credit hrs. under their belt. I sorta did things backwards. I took a ton of my computer art classes first. Oh well. This summer I start with Intro to Geology and Intro to Ethnic Studies. Now don't laugh (well OK, laugh) I have had major problems with general education classes in the past. The reason I got suspended for a year is because of gen. ed. classes. I am also taking three one credit hr. art classes this summer. This was to get up to 9 credit hrs,. that and all gen. ed. and no art makes Kenny a bored boy. Summer Session 1 is coming up soon. I can't wait.

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glad to hear your gonna finish up Ken! Made me all misty eyed thinking about the good ol days of CTLT....

Heck yea! Working at CTLT was a blast with a capital B!


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